Back to School

Yup, it’s that time already. If you are anything like me you took one look at the hordes in Clarks over the holidays and opted for the beach instead! Or maybe you are one of the more organised among us and everything is already ironed and neatly in the closet with hand sewn name labels. If only I could be that organised *holds head in hands despairingly*. With all the things we need to think about in preparation for the big day, it is easy to overlook the most important thing:the learning.

Whilst being physically prepared for school is very important and helps to prepare a child mentally; we can also do a lot, as parents, to help our children prepare for their learning. You may have been doing bits and bobs over the holidays but now is the time to notch it up a bit. Here’s how:

– Dig out their end of term report and read through it. What have their teachers highlighted that you could help with at home? Make some notes while you read it and find a quiet time to go through it with your child. Let this be an opportunity for reflection rather than a time to be emotional.
– Ask you child what you can do to help them. What areas do they feel they could work on? Set some mini-objectives for the half term. It could be ‘Learn a new adjective every day’ or ‘Change a decimal into a percentage’.
– Don’t take on too much but make this a collaborative venture so that your child knows that you are invested in their learning and their success and you believe they can improve.
– Decide on a time when you can work together. These activities are separate to homework tasks and should be brief bursts of learning increasing in difficulty level as your child progresses. 10-15 minutes is ample.
– Always reward effort over achievement. Encourage your child not to give up. End a session early and pick it up again the next day rather than letting your child become upset. Persevere, little and often.
– Revisit your objectives to keep them relevant and useful.
– Try to keep in touch with teachers. Most teachers are happy to be contacted via email, especially if there are issues at school. If your child knows you are in regular contact it gives them even more motivation to succeed.
– Don’t give up. A few difficult days doesn’t mean that it’s not working. Even if you use the time to talk about what your child feels is going well or not so well it is time well spent.
– If your child is really struggling raise it with the school and ask what can be done to support them.

Remember that everyone wants your child to succeed and most difficulties can be overcome with good communication and time.

We hope you find these suggestions helpful. Do let us know how you get on. Wishing you all the best with the new school year.

If you are interested in tuition for your child. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email or using the form below.


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